Many people have garage sales to simply do some cleaning or finally get rid of all those items they have been storing since the kids were still in diapers. Regardless how many items you have to get rid of, here are 12 ways to make more money at your garage sale and have fun in […]

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As a professional organizer I see it all. But what I find really holds people back from letting go is the emotional attachment to items, otherwise known as sentimental clutter. I’ve shared and written about this topic quite a bit on my Instagram account as well as on the Simply Organized blog. My chatter about this very important […]

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I know what you’re thinking; all I need is the right container. If I buy this new filing cabinet, container, desk organizer, it’s going to solve all my problems. Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the containers you purchase won’t magically organize your space while you sleep. I know that […]

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Just about everyone at one time or another thinks, I want to get organized. And while they may think they are the worst “pack rats” in the world, chances are they are not. When clients ask me is this typical? pointing to their overstuffed garages, closets or drawers, I usually say, YES. Then they relax […]

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