Introducing Sortly 5.0
Perfect Companion
for Your Move

Sortly is the perfect companion for your next move. Organize all your stuff by creating a visual inventory that you can easily search, manage, and categorize.
Sortly Screenshot


  • Moving Made Simple

    Create a 15-second video or snap photos to remember your stored items.
  • QR Labels

    Add Sortly QR labels to your items and boxes to quickly scan and search for their contents.
  • Focused on Simplicity

    Simple design focused on speed and ease of use - 2 taps to add a new item.
  • Backed by a Secure Cloud

    Automatic backup and sync between your devices.
  • Easy Sharing

    Easily export items to your favorite apps and share lists with friends. Share only what you want and when you want it.


  • Take the Stress Out of Storage

    Mountains of mystery boxes in your attic, basement, storage unit or garage? Create a visual record of your items with photos, locations, tags, & notes. Sortly makes it simple!

  • Make Moving Much Easier

    Moving to a new home is hard enough. Sortly keeps track of all of your things and makes finding packed items a breeze. No more searching through a sea of cartons just to find the can opener!

  • Simplify Your Chores

    We have lots of users finding amazing ways to use Sortly. They're creating records of their valuables for insurance purposes, keeping track of the details when they're house-hunting and car-shopping, creating visual inventories for their small businesses, and more!