The Ultimate
Organizer App

Sortly helps you organize all your stuff, so you can quickly, easily and always find it. OVER THREE MILLION ITEMS ORGANIZED!
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  • Organize Everything

    Create visual hierarchies of everything you own and love in neat and tidy folders and items.
  • Breezy and Easy

    Simple design makes organizing easy - 2 taps to add a new item.
  • Label Your Stuff

    Bring beauty and Zen to moving or organizing with elegant QR labels.
  • Autosave to Evernote

    Save your items to Evernote without lifting a finger. Access them wherever you use Evernote.
  • Automatic Backup & Sync

    Automatically backup and sync devices through a secure cloud for peace of mind.
  • Easy Exports

    Create PDFs in a snap. Export to Dropbox and other apps. Share with friends.


  • Perfect Companion for Your Move

    With our handy moving checklist, QR labels, tags, notes, photos and 15-second video, Sortly makes a perfect helpmate for your move. No more searching through a sea of cartons just to find a bottle opener. Find it in seconds in Sortly!

  • Home Inventory Made Simple

    Record your valuables for insurance purposes. Store part numbers, serial numbers and links to product manuals. Schedule reminders for warranty expiration and purchase return dates. Keep track of all lent items!

  • Keep Track of Your Collectibles

    Keep track of your collectible art, wine, jewelry, books, toys, sports memorabilia and much more! With photos, tags, quantity and price, Sortly tracks your collectibles precisely.

  • Easy Small Business Inventory

    Simple small business inventory tool packed with tons of relevant features! Costs much less. More features than a spreadsheet.